Depth (2)

Depth is not a checklist but a question;
it bobs up to the surface
from the stirrings of beneath.
You can, after all, drown
in just an inch of water;
that same puddle may be deep
if you’re compelled to stay submerged.

3 comments on “Depth (2)

  1. Rebecca says:

    Haven’t visited you in awhile. My hubby just started blogging and he mentioned you and I said, “Hey, I follow her, too.” Then in dawned on me I hadn’t checked in for awhile. Scanned through your posts. Particularly like this one. May be reblog in the future?

    • Thanks. It’s really interesting hearing from people; took me a while to get used to the notion that blogging wasn’t actually the one-directional form of expression it can deceptively seem to be.

      I haven’t posted (nor, indeed, written) much in ages. It’s been a busy and rather difficult summer. Hoping to get back to it now that everything’s settled down again.

      • Rebecca says:

        Hey, I know what you mean. Yes, it took me awhile to realize that I need to be proactive in reaching out to other bloggers but it takes so much time not to mention the blogging. I have two blogs and I’ve been swamped trying to keep up. If you need a helpful hint, I take one night a week, usually Sunday nights, and I randomnly reach out to some of the blogs I follow and ready some posts and comment. Maybe that will help. I hope everything is much better for you now. God bless.

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