I cannot help but wonder

I cannot help but wonder
what you’d think, knowing,
as you do, my name.
How could you read these words my hands have typed
whilst feeling still the echoes of their touch upon your skin?
And I’d have to say, it’s true
I know, that these hands know
your body better than they know my mind.
But in fairness I should say,
of course, that these words,
will never be about you.
you are more real than that.
Not here, but yet I know
you can be found in pencil,
in notebooks all handwritten, 
shapes I once traced on your skin.



One comment on “I cannot help but wonder

  1. Magnolia says:

    I like this poem very much. I too have a love of poetry. I will be sure to follow. Please feel free to pop by my page, it’s simply dripping w/ words. :) Hope all is well.

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